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Latest IAFIE Bulletin

Islamic finance industry has grown by leaps and bounds in various countries. Unfortunately that has not been the case in India except in the academic field where India managed to keep her presence felt on the Islamic finance world map. Islamic Economics Bulletin was one such humble contribution which began publishing from 1991 and continued regularly till 2005. The bi-monthly Bulletin though small (four pages) and not so impressive compared to the slick modern publications, was still eagerly awaited in reputed universities, institutions and community circles in India. The Bulletin’s four pages were structured in a manner that made it useful for a
variety of users from industry and academia.







Future Programmes

Following is the blueprint of the future programmes.....

  • Promote research on institutions like zakah, waqf, ushr, cooperatives, etc and their role in fostering economic state of Muslims and their culture.
  • Grant of scholarship to brilliant needy students of Islamic economics and research scholars.
  • Institute a prize for high standard work on the subject by Indian scholars.
  • Establishment of chair on Islamic economics at least in one of the Indian universities.
  • Supply of Islamic economic literature to libraries in various parts of the country.
  • Promote training programmes for teachers, researchers, bankers and business activists in the field of lslamic economics.
  • Formation of Centre for research in Islamic economics and economic problems of Indian Muslims as it is difficult and very expensive for different individuals to develop contact with foreign institutes like IRTI, CRIE etc.





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